World Water Week 2017 – Wastewater Skills and Reuse Options needed

Stockholm August 2017 – only 20% of the world wastewater gets treated.

Back from Stockholm, where I was involved in two lectures – wastewater treatment needs skilled staff and strengthening wastewater reuse project thinking – I can see that the discussion is still in a very theoretical status. World Water Week is a very much political, development countries and UN driven event.

That is needed to allocate financial and political support around the globe but sometimes it is too high in the “cloud” for me.

Nevertheless I learnt about the political global roadmap and that’s helps me in my more practical job.

The best thing is to meet colleagues and friends again and to discuss further practical protect possibilities and to learn where the “money thinking” of donors intend to go.

From 26.-31.8.2018 the next topic will be focus on Water, Ecosystem and Human.

I will try to get the new Worldskills “Water Technician” and the “Water Skills and University Challenge” movement shown. The world wastewater sector needs qualified engineers,scientists and particular skilled water technicians.

Rüdiger Heidebrecht


Water Technology – a new skill in Worldskills International

Rüdiger Heidebrecht, Patrick Gundert (Competitor) und Hilmar Tetsch (Expert)

Esslingen June 2017

Last week we met in Esslingen to prepare the trip to the Worldskills event in October 2017 in Abu Dhabi.

Worldskills International expects more than 1300 competitors and 150 000 visitors from more than 70 countries. The German Team will sent competitors for 37 skills. This year the new “Water Technolgy Skill” will start and Patrick from Neuwied will be the German competitor. He started his training already and the expert Hilmer is doing a good job to train the young wastewater technician who is in his 2nd year of education. Even the Russian Team came to Stuttgart for a one week training. 

I will travel to Abu Dhabi in October to support the new skill. We need 12 countries to stay in the competition. In Abu Dhabi 5 countries will join. DWA will support this event. There are also some companies like FESTO and Adiro who supports this event. 

Rüdiger Heidebrecht

Curriculum of “Water and Wastewater Technician” in Germany


These two books contain the curricular, the regulations, the learning fields for the school and some practical hinds fot the water supply and wastewater engineering technician. It is an 3 years dual vocational education (work and school) finishing with a excamination on European Qualification Level 4.

The main learning fields for the vocational school will be shown below:

Common topic for both
1. Planning of an environmental concept
2. Handling of micro-organisms
3. Employ environmental chemicals
4. Operate pipeline systems
5. Examinate of the content substances of water and waste
6. Operate ans maintane machines ans installations
7. Operate and maintain electrical plant
8. Connect electrical equipment

Water Supply
9. Water Winning
10. Establish domestic connections
11. Investigate water characteristics
12. Condition water
13. Deliver, store and distribute water
14. Control and regulate water supply facilities

9. Operate drainage systems
10. Treat wastewater mechanically
11. Investigation of wastewater and sludge
12. Treat wastewater and sludge biologically and chemically
13. Maintain drainage systems and monitor indirect discharger
14. Control and regulate wastewater treatment facilities

I´m one of the author of the wastewater curricular in 2002.
A group of 6 people from the social partners (Union and employer group) worked on that paper. I was in the employer group.It took us 1,5 years to finish the work.

The curricular from 1984 was updated. At that time it took 12 years to get all the different interest group under one umbrella.

What was new in 2002?
More electrical work, more monitoring and control of the processes, more sewer system topics like CCTV inspection, less metal work.

Rüdiger Heidebrecht