Back to Wales after 30 years


Gower/Wales – Rhossili Bay August 2015

In 2015 I  travelled with my wife back to Swansea/Wales. 30 years ago I won a scholorship and I had the chance to work as a young engineer  for Welsh Water.

That was a great time for me. I learned a better English, met a lot of nice Welsh people, saw a Rugby game Wales against England – what a show and learned a lot.

We met old friends and enjoyed that very much. Travelling in Britain is easy and I like the Britsh style. You always find very friendly people to talk with.

What I will never understand is that the Britsh on one hand are global player and very much international and on the other hand they are extremly local  based and each part of their small Island wants to be indipendent.

Rüdiger Heidebrecht