Vocational Training in the Water Sector of Germany

Rüdiger Heidebrecht, Head of Department Training and International Cooperation explains the German TVET System in the Water Sector.


New cameras – new VR (virtual reality) – worth to test it

    I bought a new toy. The VR device cost only 25€ and I put my mobile into it and had fun. It is great to see 3D films, animations and 360 degree pictures. I started to be interested in the new technic and I went to the trade show photokina which was last week in cologne. 

I went to the big camera companies to find out about 360 degree cameras. The prices varies from 500-5000€.  It is all new and new cameras will come out soon. Even the company did not know their products.

I started thinking how to use this in training and education. I see a lot of opportunities for the water training. It is new, it’s creasy but worth to thing about. I tested my new device with an 6 year old boy. He loved it. I tested it with a 84 grandfather. He nearly fall down and refused to try it again. 

I think that this new device will have a big impact in training and education. The other creasy new technology – the 3D printer is also next on my agenda. That will my next toy to buy. Technology is fascinating me. 

I 1990 I bought my first laptop in Singapore and my first small inkjet printer. Nothing special today but at that time it was hot. In 1994 we bought the first IBM PC with two floppy disk for 6000€. I did my first VisiCalc cashflow calculation at that time – what a show. In 1996 I was in the team to set up the first website for my company DWA. I learned a bit HTML. 

Stay nosy and ask questions – at least I will continue to do it – it’s fun. 

Rüdiger Heidebrecht 11.10.2016

“Paul” will be part of the Challenge


this drinking water membrane (Prof. Frechen, Uni Kassel) will be part of the next WATER SKILLS INDIA as well as for the UNIVERSITY CHALLENGE INDIA. It is a simple system for rural areas. It won the Green Tec Award 2016 in Germany.

See how it works. This will be part of the game.

Rüdiger Heidebrecht, 31.7.2016

Visit to Wastewater Treatments Plant Bonn-Beuel

Together with Mustafa from ACWUA I visited the WWTP Bonn-Beuel. It was an Open Day. More than 400 visitors came to see the plant.
The weither was cold gut the visitors liked the possibility to see the plant. We had a close look to the newly installed QR-Codes at the plant.

By using the code you easyly access the website and you can see the details.

The progress of the pilot is good, the adaptations needs to be done.

Rüdiger Heidebrecht

QR-Code Project for WWTPs are on the way


Hennef Feb. 2016

New Training System for Wastewater Treatment Plants WWTP.

Achim Höcherl, a senior wastewater operator from Bonn, took up the challenge to develop a new training system.
I’m coaching this project. With the help of QR Codes – quick resonse – learning material can be make available on your smartphone.
Individual plates for the different stages are placed at the different stages in 4 WWTPS.

New technicians using their smartphones, they go to the different stages and get the information. videos, audio files, text and a quiz at the end are available. The test will last till july this year. After that the new teachware will be translated into English. The system will combine new smartphones technology used by young staff and teaching material and is a new teachware for the future.

Rüdiger Heidebrecht 13.3.2016

Intercultural Training – big challenge well done


Frankfurt Feb. 2016

Have you ever trained 35 different professional people from 30 countries a day long?

I did it in Feb. 2016 in a bank in Frankfurt. A big challenge to find a good topic and the right method to keep them busy for a day.
We choosed the topic IWRM-Integrated Water Resource Management. The SDGs and the Climate Agend 2030 will add aditional work to these project managers in the years to come. I introduced a role game, put them in small groups, used the environmental cards from DWA and used the visualisation to create a discussion among themselve. Later on they showed their results and I could add the German way how we do things our thinking.
In the afternoon we visited the Frankfurt Wastewater Treatment Plant. To see modern treatment and the oldest (1867) wastewater treatment showed clearly the development during the last centuaries.
I liked that job very much and it was one of my best trainings I ever did. Such a inhomogeneous group, a big challenge I managed well.

Rüdiger Heidebrecht 13.3.2016

Training with the Chicago Sewer Rats – dream coaches for the German Teams – Wesley, Stephen, Donnie and Ed – the Klinsmann for us

Team Düsseldorf with trainers Donnie and Stephen (they won 5 times the Medal)

Team Düsseldorf with trainers Donnie and Stephen (they won 5 times the Medal)

DWA/IFAT All Star Team at the Training with the Rats

DWA/IFAT All Star Team at the Training with the Rats

Hard work for Peter and Achim

Hard work for Peter and Achim

Ulli is learning from the collegues

Ulli is learning from the collegue

Training with the Chicago Sewer Rats

Training with the Chicago Sewer Rats

The DWA/IFAT ALL Star Team and Team Düsseldorf trained with the Chicago Sewer Rats and three WEFTEC jury members. Donnie, Stephen and Wesley won the title couple of times and they know all the details and the falts. They trained us from 8:30 till 17:00 and the Chicago Sewer Rats did an excellent job in coaching each of our team members.

The most difficult task is the pump challenge. We saw the pump the first time.

Thanks a lot for that training. It was a great opportunity and the German Teams enjoyed it a lot.

Rüdiger Heidebrecht