IE expo – China trade show booms – 1. DWA University Challenge started


Conference with DWA and Tongji University

In 2004 the IFAT China started it’s work in Shanghai. One hall at that time, now five halls are full with more than 1000 companies. I’m always involved in the conference and the German Pavilion. The Pavilion hosted 15 companies, the conference with more than 20 lectures and more than 300 participants went well.
It was the first time that I organised the University Challenge with 5 Universities an 10 teams. The Wilo (Obländer Stiftung) company supported the event and sponsored the prices. The winners will come to Germany in 2016.
These new challenges will start in all IFAT’s trade shows and will be one new initiative from DWA.
After having started the skills competition in 2010 for the workers now the challenge for students will “fly”.

Rüdiger Heidebrecht 25.5.2015