The Profile of the German Water Sector – Supply and Wastewater

profile-german-water19 years ago the John Briscoe from the Worldbank visited Germany  and wrote “The German water and sewerage sector: How well it works and what this means for developing countries,” Technical Paper of the Water and Sanitation Division, World Bank, 1995.

He found out, that the German Water Sector works well but is too expensice for the rest of the world. He travelled Germany and collected data from various scources. The GermanWater Sector was not prepared to the data ready and to provide an overview.

Few years later the German Ministry of Economy asked also for some data for the Water Sector. Benchmarking came up and to avoid further discussions with the goernment the “Profile of the German Water Sector” was born. Every 3-4 years the data are collected, translated and published. The next profile will come out end of March 2015.

The profile will show the main figures of the german water sector. You can download it from An english version will be available. It gives you a good overview about the latest figures and data. E.g. about 6000 Water Supply Utilities and 6500 Wastewater Utilities are serving the 80 Mio. population in Germany. All existing benchmarking projects are mentioned. Statistik, data and customer satisfaction.

Rüdiger Heidebrecht