The Magnetic Traing Box – how that idea started in 2010


Achim Höcherl - founder of this new training box


Achim Höcherl - the founder of the magnatic training box wastewater technology

In summer 2010 I visited the wastewater treatment plant in Bonn-Duisdorf. I was planning an internal training for my staff. I met Achim, the senior wastewater master technician, the creative and engaged boss of that plant. We discussed the training in detail and he showed me his training room. He is the person incharge of the new and young wastewater technician of the city.

On his flipchart I shaw some funny magnetic ficures made out of wood. I asked him about this magnatic peaces. He told me that he is using that for training and to show different flow diagrams to his youngsters. I liked that idea and I told him we should make that better. So we did.

Now 5 years later, DWA has now 6 magnetic training boxes for the water sector and some more to come. Achim won a priece, opened a small part time company and developed couple of new boxes. Some of them are translated in various languages. Pleanty of them where sold, national and international and even now used in the official oral government tests and in the skills competition during IFAT Muenchen.

To grap these cards, read the basics text and place it to the right place in the flow chart stimulates the brain and keeps the facts in the memory. I works everywhere in the world. I love that methode and I use these boxes very often. Use all senses for learning!

Rüdiger Heidebrecht