Intercultural Training – big challenge well done


Frankfurt Feb. 2016

Have you ever trained 35 different professional people from 30 countries a day long?

I did it in Feb. 2016 in a bank in Frankfurt. A big challenge to find a good topic and the right method to keep them busy for a day.
We choosed the topic IWRM-Integrated Water Resource Management. The SDGs and the Climate Agend 2030 will add aditional work to these project managers in the years to come. I introduced a role game, put them in small groups, used the environmental cards from DWA and used the visualisation to create a discussion among themselve. Later on they showed their results and I could add the German way how we do things our thinking.
In the afternoon we visited the Frankfurt Wastewater Treatment Plant. To see modern treatment and the oldest (1867) wastewater treatment showed clearly the development during the last centuaries.
I liked that job very much and it was one of my best trainings I ever did. Such a inhomogeneous group, a big challenge I managed well.

Rüdiger Heidebrecht 13.3.2016


First test for the 1. DWA International University Challenge in 2016 successful



Water Berlin 28. March 2015

For the first time DWA organized a game for students.  The skills competition for technicians was etablished 2010. Now we want to establish a University Challenge. With this first test it’s proofed that such a game is possible and that the students like it. Together with DHI the serious game provider we asked the 10 teams (three each) to plan a region. One game used the DWA cards showing different environmental infrastructures, the serious game simulates the water infrastructure. I three hours the winner where choosen and the game was over.
The next game will be in China, than in India and the 1. DWA International University Challenge will be held during IFAT 2016 in Munich.
If you are a Masterstudent join in with a team.

Rüdiger Heidebrecht