2. University Challenge 2016 China in Water Technology 

Shanghai, May 2016

During the IEexpo in Shanghai the 2. UC was done with 9 IWRM-Teams and 8 DHI Serious Game Teams from various Universities from the Shanghai Region.

The trade show  is growing constandly. 1300 companies and 43.000 visitors showed up. The students  were very active and enjoyed the two disciplines. The first discipline, supported by the company DHI, was the Serious Game “Aqua Republica”. The students have to create a landscape and show how they work with the water resources and further resources. The DWA – IWRM Integrated Water Resource Management showes a landscape and the Students have to glue the DWA environmental cards to the various areas. After that they have to explain their work. 

DWA will continous develop the new University Challenges tasks. It is the aim to organize this Challenge during the trade shows. 

Rüdiger Heidebrecht