Nepal – a nice place to stay – where the water flows



Nepal, Kathmandu 1990
Working for the Department of Hydrology and Meterology for three years was an exellent experience. Hydrology in such an environment is an exiting subject. Nepals rivers are steep, turbulent and during monsoon wild. About 140 gauging stations are measuring the various rivers. Hydropower is a big topic in such a country. My international training engagement started in Kathmandu. A basic hydrology training for technicians were one of my job during these years. Water resource measurements are crucial for planning and development.

As a side activity I build a school extension. One of my technician asked me for help. The German Embassy gave the mony. That was a great experience, I enjoyed that very much.

Now Nepal faces serious problems based on the earthquake. Seeing the news I always remember the ways I went in Kathmandu.

Rüdiger Heidebrecht