Worldskills Abu Dhabi – Water Technology Videos

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  1. Introduction to the new skill “Water Technology”  by Rüdiger Heidebrecht, DWA
  2. Interview with Chief Expert Hilmar Tetsch
  3. Interview with competitor Patrick Gundert from Germany
  4. Interview with competitor Alessandra Manengena from South Africa
  5. Interview with expert Prof. Rodrigo Zawadzki and Louise Desiderio from Brazil
  6. Interview with expert Danny Gauch from FESTO (ex)
  7. Interviews with expert Farid Kheiri and Mohamed Hosein Salehi from Iran
  8. Interview with expert Roman Panferov and Dmitrii Ponomarev from Russia


Worldskills Abu Dhabi 2017



QR-Code Project for WWTPs are on the way


Hennef Feb. 2016

New Training System for Wastewater Treatment Plants WWTP.

Achim Höcherl, a senior wastewater operator from Bonn, took up the challenge to develop a new training system.
I’m coaching this project. With the help of QR Codes – quick resonse – learning material can be make available on your smartphone.
Individual plates for the different stages are placed at the different stages in 4 WWTPS.

New technicians using their smartphones, they go to the different stages and get the information. videos, audio files, text and a quiz at the end are available. The test will last till july this year. After that the new teachware will be translated into English. The system will combine new smartphones technology used by young staff and teaching material and is a new teachware for the future.

Rüdiger Heidebrecht 13.3.2016

Biogas in the German agriculture

Biogas from agriculture got more and more popular in Germany during the last 15 years. Now we do have around 8.000 biogas plants in the countryside. The gas from digesters from wastewater plants is the same from agriculture. The qualification of the two operators differs extremely. That is the reason that DVGW, DWA and the  Biogas Association started last year with an initiative to set up a common 2 days training course for safety in biogas plants in agriculture.  It ends with a test.
Yesterday we checked different applications from training institutions who wants to join the training pool.
This training system will help to qualify around 10.000 staff  in the years to come.

Rüdiger Heidebrecht