Back from Jordan

wpid-wp-1422310301402.jpegI just back from a trip from Jordan. The 3rd Arab Water Week from ACWUA (Arab Countries Water Utility Association) was good. Beeing involved with ACWUA since it idea (2006 with Digby Davis) I enjoyed to see the association moving ahead. It’s not the way we do it in Germany but it’s the Arab way, fair enough.

The lectures were good, many participants know each other, communication is very good, networking at it’s best. It’ s a pitty that the German Development (BMZ, GIZ) is not seeing the potencial of such a network.

I wish ACWUA further good sucess on it’s way. The Arab world needs to communicate more open to each others and to move to a better networking in the water sector. The problems are not disapearing fast, the will stay and they will grow.

Rüdiger Heidebrecht