University Challenges – the family grows


Last week the 2. University Challenge India took part during IFAT Mumbai. 

Together with the partners DHI Academy (left picture) and Prof. Singh (DAAD Alumni) 8 students Teams from various Indian University participated in the challenge. I was not there but my colleagues have done a great job. We are getting more and more experiences. The first prices where an invitation to the Wilo Pump factory. Thanks to the Wilo Foundation we will continue to offer good prices. Next year the first price will be three flight tickets to Germany for IFAT 2018.

DHI offered the Serious Game Aqua Republica. The University of Kassel offered Paul – a membran drinking water device and I created a new szenario for the integrated water resource management cards. 

Supporting young people is great. I love it and thanks to IFAT, DHI, DAAD and other partners we can do that work.

Rüdiger Heidebrecht 11.10.2016


1. University Challenge during IFAT Mumbai/India

1. University Challenge during IFAT Mumbai 2015

1. University Challenge during IFAT Mumbai 2015

This week I have been to Mumbai/India. After 9 hours flight I arrived again this amazing dynamic and crazy city. It is the third time of IFAT India; the trade show I always attend to lead the German Pavilion.

This time we have prepared, together with our friend Prof. Singh, the 1. University Challenge in IWRM (Integrated Waters Resources Management).

Eight teams from e.g. Delhi, Jaipur, Bangalore, Pune, Warangal, Gujarat showed up. The Tasked was to create a smart “green province” by using the 62 DWA Environmental Cards. These cards cover water structures, water supply, wastewater, waste and energy subjects. To place them in the green province was the challenge.

The Team from Jaipur won and they will travel to the IFAT Munich in 2016. This is possible because the Ludwig Obländer Federation (founder of the company WILO) supports this event. The WILO Company invited the first and second team from MSU Gujarat to his pump factory. A great and nice support for this event.IMG_5859

The Jury and the students in Action

It is great to see the young people active. The winner team is happy and looking forward to travel the first time to Germany and to participate on the 1. World University Challenge in IWRM during IFAT Munich 2016.

The DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) organized an Alumni Programme during this week and the 15 participants, most Professors from various countries, participated on the “serious game” competition “Aqua Republica”. Thanks to the company DHI who supports us in this new discipline.

I enjoyed it very much to keep professors and students busy for 3 hours during the trade show.


The winner from Jaipur, remember these faces, a great future ahead

Rüdiger Heidebrecht 16.10.2015

First test for the 1. DWA International University Challenge in 2016 successful



Water Berlin 28. March 2015

For the first time DWA organized a game for students.  The skills competition for technicians was etablished 2010. Now we want to establish a University Challenge. With this first test it’s proofed that such a game is possible and that the students like it. Together with DHI the serious game provider we asked the 10 teams (three each) to plan a region. One game used the DWA cards showing different environmental infrastructures, the serious game simulates the water infrastructure. I three hours the winner where choosen and the game was over.
The next game will be in China, than in India and the 1. DWA International University Challenge will be held during IFAT 2016 in Munich.
If you are a Masterstudent join in with a team.

Rüdiger Heidebrecht