4th Arab Water Week (AWW) – 1st UNIVERSITY CHALLENGE Arab Region

2-2017 1st Uni C Arab Jordanien (56)Jordan, Dead Sea

The AWW took place from 19.-21.3.2017 at the Dead Sea with more than 400 participants. In 46 sessions 144 lectures took place. 26 companies presented their products. ACWUA is doing a good job and the number of participants are growing from time to time.  I participated in all conferences so far. I do know ACWUA since its beginning because I was involved in the establishment of this association and I’m a honorary member.

2-2017 1st Uni C Arab Jordanien (59)

With the help of the Wilo Foundation we could conduct the 1st UNIVERSITY CHALLENGE for the Arab Region with 3 Universities. The Jordan University won this competition. It is the idea to attract more Universities in future, also from other ACWUA member states. The winning team will join the WORLD UNIVERSITY CHALLENGE during IFAT in Munich in May 2018.

I had help from Lena Gomer.  She did all the work and without her this event would not have taken place. I enjoyed the competition very much.Working with student is fun. I hope we could continue to work with ACWUA to establish and to extend this event in future.

Rüdiger Heidebrecht


ACWUA – Arab Water Utility Association – What’s that?

Honorary Member of ACWUA – why that?


Honorary Member of ACWUA 2011

How did I get this plate? Beeing active since 2006 for giz in this process I started from the first idea and stopped after the first election. I’m proud in moderating the Alexandra conference and to manage the first election.

ACWUA was etablished in 2009 in Abu Dhabi and had achieved a lot in the last 5 years. Based in Amman Khaldoun Khasman and his team is doing a good job. The water sector in the MENA Region got a strong voice – thats’s good.

I still watch ACWUA and their activities. In 2011 I was honored together with the egyptian water minister Mr. Khalifa. That was nice and shows a bit that my advisory  work was respected and taken to the process.

Rüdiger Heidebrecht