Day 4 – VR Story is working

Virtual Reality applications (VR) is a new tool in teaching. A wastewater treatment plant from Germany is build in and the competitors have to move around to check and monitor the plant.

Finding mistakes, taking notes and values and listen to strange noise of a pump.

Learning with all senses – a strong argument ti lock closure to this new approach.

Virtual Reality workplace at the new skill “Water Technology” – Brazil competitor on her way through a wastewater treatment plant. She should control the plant, takes measurements and has to fund mistakes.

The German competitor on his “way” to check the plant. Does he find all the mistakes?

Rüdiger Heidebrecht


Day 3 – the stress increases

Day 3 – You can see that these four skill days are putting stress to the participants.

Day 3 – morning meeting with competitors and experts.

Worldskills South Korea visiting the new Water Technology Skill.

Day 2 – the action goes on

Day 2 is over. A long day for all – start at 9:00 and finishing at 19:00.

Its tuff for the competitors and the experts. Various work, discussions, visitors and challenges on one day.

The interest from other countries is there. From Mongolia to Finnland.

A good day.

Five water technology competitors on day 2 – great young people – leaders of tomorrow.

Morning motivation session, South Africa and Iran competitors.

Experts in a learning phase – qualification standardization work at its best – setting world standards.

Russia on the daily virtual journey through a Wastewater Treatment Plant – where are the mistakes?

GIZ and partners from Jordan learns more about the VR reality possibilities – great experience.

South Africa repairs the pump – great potenzial.

Dr. Imani from FESTO Didactic and me during our daily promotion speech. Fishing for more countries.

The Experts from left: South Africa, Brazil, Germany, Singapore (Observer), Iran, Russia and me.

Great Job – thanks.

Rüdiger Heidebrecht

Day 1 at Worldskills Abu Dhabi

Day 1

Five competitors, three man and two ladies are participating in this presentation skill. One judge from Singapore joint to learn more about this future skill.

The halls are full with visitors, kids and equipment. The plumbers are next to us. They work inside the house – we outside.

Water Technology – a future skill

Patriks parents visiting their son – but he is busy 🙂

GIZ Jordan colleague Leon visits the Water Skill to learn more about this new challenge, in discussion with our chief expert Hilmar

FESTO and DWA in discussions about further activities – both organizations are working close together to promote this skill.

Their is a good feedback after the first day. FESTO is a great supporter of the skill – educators and water professional do have to work closer together.

Rüdiger Heidebrecht

Opening of Worldskills Abu Dhabi 2017 – great show

Opening of the 44 Games, more space, events and competitors than ever

Team Germany

Team Palestine

All Teams – 1300 young people – 4 days challenge ahead

The day started with a sightseeing tour and ended with a great opening ceremony – music, speeches, dance and the walk and the oath of the nations – it is like the olympic games – great show.

I learned a lot about this peace of land – an architect showed us around – that was absolutely informativ. He explained the history, the culture and had a lot of stories – great day. I have been here already three times (foundation of Arab Countries Water Utility Association – ACWUA in 2009) but I learned most today.

Rüdiger Heidebrecht

Worldskills Abu Dhabi 2017

They are running the water “Show”

Abu Dhabi, Oct. 13th

I arrived today in Abu Dhabi. Tomorrow is the opening Ceremonie of the 44th Worldskills. 1300 competitors from 78 countries will show their skills in 51 competitions.

Among them are 42 young Germans (most are 21) for 37 skills and one demonstration skill.

The demonstration skill is my “sunshine Water Technology”. I pushed that for years (Worldskills Leipzig 2013) and with the help of FESTO and the extreme help of the Expert Hilmar Tetsch, Stuttgart the show can start.

Patrick Gundert from Neuwied is the German competitor (Fachkraft für Abwassertechnik) and I wish him all the best.

I am here to promote this new “baby” and to get more countries involved. I will meet people from Jordan and Namibia. Today I met the UNESCO-UNEVOC boss and he will support the Water Topic again.

Rüdiger Heidebrecht