Shanghai, May 6th 2017, IE expo 2017

The serie of University Challenges continued in May in Shanghai during the trade show IE expo. 10 Teams from 5 Universities participated during this 3rd event. We extended the tasks and beside the IWRM job they had to do another task.


The students had to go to the 28 German companies who were at the German Pavillion and they had to gether information from the companies. After 5 hours the winning team was found.
The winning team came this time from the Tongji University.
With the sponsoring and support from the Wilo Foundation the three students will come to the IFAT Muenich 2018.

5-2017 IEexpo Shanghai Siegerfoto

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Rüdiger Heidebrecht


4th Arab Water Week (AWW) – 1st UNIVERSITY CHALLENGE Arab Region

2-2017 1st Uni C Arab Jordanien (56)Jordan, Dead Sea

The AWW took place from 19.-21.3.2017 at the Dead Sea with more than 400 participants. In 46 sessions 144 lectures took place. 26 companies presented their products. ACWUA is doing a good job and the number of participants are growing from time to time.  I participated in all conferences so far. I do know ACWUA since its beginning because I was involved in the establishment of this association and I’m a honorary member.

2-2017 1st Uni C Arab Jordanien (59)

With the help of the Wilo Foundation we could conduct the 1st UNIVERSITY CHALLENGE for the Arab Region with 3 Universities. The Jordan University won this competition. It is the idea to attract more Universities in future, also from other ACWUA member states. The winning team will join the WORLD UNIVERSITY CHALLENGE during IFAT in Munich in May 2018.

I had help from Lena Gomer.  She did all the work and without her this event would not have taken place. I enjoyed the competition very much.Working with student is fun. I hope we could continue to work with ACWUA to establish and to extend this event in future.

Rüdiger Heidebrecht

2. IFAT EURASIA – first time in Istanbul


I travelled to Istanbul in Feb. 2017 to see the trade show, to give a speech about the new SDGs – Sustainable Development Goals – goal 6 – water and goal 4 – education. I was also a moderator of one DWA session related with energy efficiency for Wastewater Treatment Plants and Sludge handling.

It was difficult to find professionals from Turkey to work with. We were lucky because we meet two professionals who did know us alright. They studied in Germany and participated at the Young Water Professional Programme.

We conducted the first UNIVERSITY CHALLENGE EURASIA with 4 teams from Izmir. The winning team will travel to IFAT Munich in 2018. It was a good first start. Hopefully the situation in Turkey stays stable in the years to come to continue this challenge.

The German companies I talked with where quite satisfied with the trade show. The show has much improved – better and bigger stands and quite international. It was good to have the show now every two years in Istanbul.

Rüdiger Heidebrecht

Water Skills – 3.German Wastewater Championship


Munich June 2016

During the last IFAT we organized three challenges for Water Operators. The sewer professional – shown in the picture – where the biggest group. The US KSB WEFTEC Team were the best, followed by Nürnberg and Stuttgart. The US Team was very much experieced doing challenges like this. They won the US Challenge and are now the Jury members of the WEFTEC Challenge, organized every year in the US.

The level of the teams has much increased. More serious, more professional. We have to create a new group for beginnes to motivate new cities and teams to Jogin next Time in 2018.


Winner of the professional. challenge – sewer system

1. World University Callenge in Water Technology – my new idea is finally born in Germany

I started in 2010 to create the DWA WaterSkills for Operators – a skill challenge for blue collar workers. After that I was thinking how we could motivate students to visit trade shows and to have fun. In many universities and countries students challenges are commen. I studied other disciplienes and decided to start with a new Water Challenge. There was no one in our German Water Sector. After tests in Shanghai and Mumbai (see the young winners) we started with 18 international teams during IFAT Munich. During two days the teams had to solve 4 disciplines. Team Indonesia won, followed by Iran Team 5 and a team from the University of Stuttgart. 

Supported by companies like DHI, FESTO and Ball and jury members from universities like Berlin, Koblenz and Aachen and Water utilities like Ruhrverband and Berlinwasser make the UC more easy. The DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) is the Patronate of the World University Challenge.

Working with young people- itˋs a pleasure. I will extend this challenge in the years to come.

Rüdiger Heidebrecht