Documenta 2017 in Kassel – worth to go


Kassel, July 2017

Every 5 years in Kassel, Germany is the biggest art event of the world. Over 100 days in more than 30 places around the city are art events. It was the first time I went to such an event. I´m an engineer – therefore art is normaly not my favorite subject. I must say that I liked that show. A friend of mine and I went for two days and we just shaw three places but I liked it. These pipes are concrete pipes, but the artist made houses out of them. Pretty strange but nice to see – many objects are playing with your fantancy, I like that.

Art is important to deal with rallity and influence the people and the zeitgeist.

Rüdiger Heidebrecht, August 2017


Sydney – a beautiful city

Sydney is a beautiful city. A big natural harbour, water everywhere and good weather made our visit nice. We watched the preparations for the Australia Day – some people say invasion day, anyway it seems to be a big party with heavy drinking – looks like carnival in my home town.

We spend only 3 days ( Jan. 2017) in Sydney and continued to travel back to Germany after 2 month of travel in New Zealand. We had a very good time. The “batteries” are full again. Ready for new challenges. 

Rüdiger Heidebrecht