Worldskills Abu Dhabi – Water Technology Videos

See the competitors, experts and organizers.
All Videos are in YouTube:

  1. Introduction to the new skill “Water Technology”  by Rüdiger Heidebrecht, DWA
  2. Interview with Chief Expert Hilmar Tetsch
  3. Interview with competitor Patrick Gundert from Germany
  4. Interview with competitor Alessandra Manengena from South Africa
  5. Interview with expert Prof. Rodrigo Zawadzki and Louise Desiderio from Brazil
  6. Interview with expert Danny Gauch from FESTO (ex)
  7. Interviews with expert Farid Kheiri and Mohamed Hosein Salehi from Iran
  8. Interview with expert Roman Panferov and Dmitrii Ponomarev from Russia


Worldskills Abu Dhabi 2017



Closing Worldskills Abu Dhabi 2017 – opening Kazan, Russia 2019

Wednesday evening was the closing ceremony with 10000 guests. Great moments when 51 Medals are handed over. Germany got one silver, two bronze and one silver in „Water Technology“ the new future skill.

I personally enjoyed the competition very much. I like to see how young people develop their skills and personality. Patrick and Hilmer did a good job. Thanks to Festo to Danny and Dr. Imani to support this new skill.

Water worth it.

Full House – teams from 59 countries

The fans of Patrick at the closing evening

Rüdiger Heidebrecht back to Germany – what a nice country

Well done – great job Patrick and Hilmer

Patrick Gundert is happy to be the Vice World Champion in Water Technology 2017. Hart training pays off.

Hilmar Tetsch as Chief Expert is happy that the challenge went well. All tasks were done and the challenge was fair and transparent. The competitors have done all very well, he said.

Rüdiger Heidebrecht is happy because many other countries showed interest to join in future. Water Education needs more awareness. Learning in challenges is one future trend to qualify water technicians.

From 5 countries to 12 countries – Russia, Kazan 2019 – a new challenge.

Come to the IFAT Munich 2018 to see the next german candidate. The WaterSkill Germany 2018 will show us the next candidate and learn from Patrick and Hilmar the whole story.

Rüdiger Heidebrecht

Day 4 – the winner is Iran

The Future Skill is done.

1. Iran

2. Germany

3. Russia

It was a great experience to all competitors and experts. Great job – thanks. After four days the points showed the results clearly.

Nevertheless all people learnt a lot and enjoyed the days.

All participants – great job, thanks to FESTO to coordinate that.

Team Iran – Winner oft the first Water Technician Championship.

Second Germany – well done Patrick.

The show goes on – Russia 2019 in Kazan – we meet again with more countries for a better and cleaner water for the world.

Rüdiger Heidebrecht

Day 4 – VR Story is working

Virtual Reality applications (VR) is a new tool in teaching. A wastewater treatment plant from Germany is build in and the competitors have to move around to check and monitor the plant.

Finding mistakes, taking notes and values and listen to strange noise of a pump.

Learning with all senses – a strong argument ti lock closure to this new approach.

Virtual Reality workplace at the new skill “Water Technology” – Brazil competitor on her way through a wastewater treatment plant. She should control the plant, takes measurements and has to fund mistakes.

The German competitor on his “way” to check the plant. Does he find all the mistakes?

Rüdiger Heidebrecht

Day 2 – the action goes on

Day 2 is over. A long day for all – start at 9:00 and finishing at 19:00.

Its tuff for the competitors and the experts. Various work, discussions, visitors and challenges on one day.

The interest from other countries is there. From Mongolia to Finnland.

A good day.

Five water technology competitors on day 2 – great young people – leaders of tomorrow.

Morning motivation session, South Africa and Iran competitors.

Experts in a learning phase – qualification standardization work at its best – setting world standards.

Russia on the daily virtual journey through a Wastewater Treatment Plant – where are the mistakes?

GIZ and partners from Jordan learns more about the VR reality possibilities – great experience.

South Africa repairs the pump – great potenzial.

Dr. Imani from FESTO Didactic and me during our daily promotion speech. Fishing for more countries.

The Experts from left: South Africa, Brazil, Germany, Singapore (Observer), Iran, Russia and me.

Great Job – thanks.

Rüdiger Heidebrecht