2. IFAT EURASIA – first time in Istanbul


I travelled to Istanbul in Feb. 2017 to see the trade show, to give a speech about the new SDGs – Sustainable Development Goals – goal 6 – water and goal 4 – education. I was also a moderator of one DWA session related with energy efficiency for Wastewater Treatment Plants and Sludge handling.

It was difficult to find professionals from Turkey to work with. We were lucky because we meet two professionals who did know us alright. They studied in Germany and participated at the Young Water Professional Programme.

We conducted the first UNIVERSITY CHALLENGE EURASIA with 4 teams from Izmir. The winning team will travel to IFAT Munich in 2018. It was a good first start. Hopefully the situation in Turkey stays stable in the years to come to continue this challenge.

The German companies I talked with where quite satisfied with the trade show. The show has much improved – better and bigger stands and quite international. It was good to have the show now every two years in Istanbul.

Rüdiger Heidebrecht


Sydney – a beautiful city

Sydney is a beautiful city. A big natural harbour, water everywhere and good weather made our visit nice. We watched the preparations for the Australia Day – some people say invasion day, anyway it seems to be a big party with heavy drinking – looks like carnival in my home town.

We spend only 3 days ( Jan. 2017) in Sydney and continued to travel back to Germany after 2 month of travel in New Zealand. We had a very good time. The “batteries” are full again. Ready for new challenges. 

Rüdiger Heidebrecht