Supporting Worldskill – they take the new water job serious

Why do I support the Worldskills initatiative. Listen to the video. Help to clean up the water in the world.

Rüdiger Heidebrecht


Curriculum of “Water and Wastewater Technician” in Germany


These two books contain the curricular, the regulations, the learning fields for the school and some practical hinds fot the water supply and wastewater engineering technician. It is an 3 years dual vocational education (work and school) finishing with a excamination on European Qualification Level 4.

The main learning fields for the vocational school will be shown below:

Common topic for both
1. Planning of an environmental concept
2. Handling of micro-organisms
3. Employ environmental chemicals
4. Operate pipeline systems
5. Examinate of the content substances of water and waste
6. Operate ans maintane machines ans installations
7. Operate and maintain electrical plant
8. Connect electrical equipment

Water Supply
9. Water Winning
10. Establish domestic connections
11. Investigate water characteristics
12. Condition water
13. Deliver, store and distribute water
14. Control and regulate water supply facilities

9. Operate drainage systems
10. Treat wastewater mechanically
11. Investigation of wastewater and sludge
12. Treat wastewater and sludge biologically and chemically
13. Maintain drainage systems and monitor indirect discharger
14. Control and regulate wastewater treatment facilities

I´m one of the author of the wastewater curricular in 2002.
A group of 6 people from the social partners (Union and employer group) worked on that paper. I was in the employer group.It took us 1,5 years to finish the work.

The curricular from 1984 was updated. At that time it took 12 years to get all the different interest group under one umbrella.

What was new in 2002?
More electrical work, more monitoring and control of the processes, more sewer system topics like CCTV inspection, less metal work.

Rüdiger Heidebrecht

Worldskills International supports the new Water Skill

During the last Worldskills International meeting early October 2016 in Canada it was decided to put the “Water Subject” on the new agenda as a new future presentation skill.

We are now looking foreward for the next Worldskills competition which will be in October 2017 in Abu Dhabi.

Germany started 1984 with the occupation in water and trained more than 20.000  people.
In 2002 I was one out of 6 people to write the new curriculum for wastewater technicians.

Rüdiger Heidebrecht

University Challenges – the family grows


Last week the 2. University Challenge India took part during IFAT Mumbai. 

Together with the partners DHI Academy (left picture) and Prof. Singh (DAAD Alumni) 8 students Teams from various Indian University participated in the challenge. I was not there but my colleagues have done a great job. We are getting more and more experiences. The first prices where an invitation to the Wilo Pump factory. Thanks to the Wilo Foundation we will continue to offer good prices. Next year the first price will be three flight tickets to Germany for IFAT 2018.

DHI offered the Serious Game Aqua Republica. The University of Kassel offered Paul – a membran drinking water device and I created a new szenario for the integrated water resource management cards. 

Supporting young people is great. I love it and thanks to IFAT, DHI, DAAD and other partners we can do that work.

Rüdiger Heidebrecht 11.10.2016

New cameras – new VR (virtual reality) – worth to test it

    I bought a new toy. The VR device cost only 25€ and I put my mobile into it and had fun. It is great to see 3D films, animations and 360 degree pictures. I started to be interested in the new technic and I went to the trade show photokina which was last week in cologne. 

I went to the big camera companies to find out about 360 degree cameras. The prices varies from 500-5000€.  It is all new and new cameras will come out soon. Even the company did not know their products.

I started thinking how to use this in training and education. I see a lot of opportunities for the water training. It is new, it’s creasy but worth to thing about. I tested my new device with an 6 year old boy. He loved it. I tested it with a 84 grandfather. He nearly fall down and refused to try it again. 

I think that this new device will have a big impact in training and education. The other creasy new technology – the 3D printer is also next on my agenda. That will my next toy to buy. Technology is fascinating me. 

I 1990 I bought my first laptop in Singapore and my first small inkjet printer. Nothing special today but at that time it was hot. In 1994 we bought the first IBM PC with two floppy disk for 6000€. I did my first VisiCalc cashflow calculation at that time – what a show. In 1996 I was in the team to set up the first website for my company DWA. I learned a bit HTML. 

Stay nosy and ask questions – at least I will continue to do it – it’s fun. 

Rüdiger Heidebrecht 11.10.2016