SDG 6 is Water – how to measure progress?


The UN declared in September 2015 the global SDG’s (Sustanable Development Goals). Now, having 17 goals with 169 indicators, is the discussion going on – what to measure and how to do it. 

SDG 6 is Water. Now a new high committee with ministers and professionals is established.  Some of them were in Stockholm and discussed the process with the water professionals. In 2018 the water indicators should be confirmed during the World Water Forum in Brazil. 

Nice job, but still a lot of question marks. High politics is not my speciallity. I like it more to do things on the ground.  

Rüdiger Heidebrecht


Water stays under stress

I saw this Cartoon during the Stockholm Water Week. It is great. It shows the conflict perfect. The situation will not improve in the years to come. I’m working now over 30 years in the sector. Why didn’t we make it right? Only 20% of the world wastewater is somehow treated. 

Enough work for the next generation.  

Rüdiger Heidebrecht

Water Skills – 3.German Wastewater Championship


Munich June 2016

During the last IFAT we organized three challenges for Water Operators. The sewer professional – shown in the picture – where the biggest group. The US KSB WEFTEC Team were the best, followed by Nürnberg and Stuttgart. The US Team was very much experieced doing challenges like this. They won the US Challenge and are now the Jury members of the WEFTEC Challenge, organized every year in the US.

The level of the teams has much increased. More serious, more professional. We have to create a new group for beginnes to motivate new cities and teams to Jogin next Time in 2018.


Winner of the professional. challenge – sewer system