1. World University Callenge in Water Technology – my new idea is finally born in Germany

I started in 2010 to create the DWA WaterSkills for Operators – a skill challenge for blue collar workers. After that I was thinking how we could motivate students to visit trade shows and to have fun. In many universities and countries students challenges are commen. I studied other disciplienes and decided to start with a new Water Challenge. There was no one in our German Water Sector. After tests in Shanghai and Mumbai (see the young winners) we started with 18 international teams during IFAT Munich. During two days the teams had to solve 4 disciplines. Team Indonesia won, followed by Iran Team 5 and a team from the University of Stuttgart. 

Supported by companies like DHI, FESTO and Ball and jury members from universities like Berlin, Koblenz and Aachen and Water utilities like Ruhrverband and Berlinwasser make the UC more easy. The DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) is the Patronate of the World University Challenge.

Working with young people- itˋs a pleasure. I will extend this challenge in the years to come.

Rüdiger Heidebrecht 


IFAT 2016 – what a Show

The IFAT is over, I’m over, I’m tired but happy and satisfied.

The second trade show in one month (May 2016) – that is more than enough for me. First Shanghai and now IFAT Munich.

I’m the IFAT Project Leader for DWA. We organized 34 events with approximativ 2000 participants – Conferences, Workshops, WaterSkills, University Challenge, Jobtalks and Delegations. One stand with 20 Companies and Associations where many VIPs and Professionales showed up. 

Everything went well. The USA “WEF KSB-Team” for the WaterSkills competition was great, the Egyption, Slovenia, Austrian and German Teams did an excelent job. 

New was the 1.World University Challenge. I designed the challenge and Mrs. Martens organized it very well. I’m happy to have that done  with 18 Teams. The Wilo-Foundation and DAAD supports us very well. IFAT 2018 will be the second Challenge.

The new session “Women in the Water Sector” went very well and will be a start of a new serie. The “SDG” Session with GIZ, KfW and DAAD was also special als well aus the “WorldSkills” discussions. 

50 years IFAT – I met some old collegues of the early times. It was my 9th German IFAT- 3 more to go. Every event has it’s own momentum. This year the events in Hall B0 was great, the conferences and the WaterSkills went very well and I got the IFAT CEO into the manwhole. Now he understands the wastewater industry a bit better. He is a nice, brave and clever man. See his way into the manwhole.

Rüdiger Heidebrecht