ACWUA – Arab Water Utility Association – What’s that?

Honorary Member of ACWUA – why that?


Honorary Member of ACWUA 2011

How did I get this plate? Beeing active since 2006 for giz in this process I started from the first idea and stopped after the first election. I’m proud in moderating the Alexandra conference and to manage the first election.

ACWUA was etablished in 2009 in Abu Dhabi and had achieved a lot in the last 5 years. Based in Amman Khaldoun Khasman and his team is doing a good job. The water sector in the MENA Region got a strong voice – thats’s good.

I still watch ACWUA and their activities. In 2011 I was honored together with the egyptian water minister Mr. Khalifa. That was nice and shows a bit that my advisory  work was respected and taken to the process.

Rüdiger Heidebrecht


DWA – Skills Competition since 2010 – How it’s started

Skills Competitions – one of my jobs since 2010 wpid-wp-1424117679548.jpeg

My boss Johannes Lohaus showed me in 2009 some fotos from his trip to the US  trade show WEFTEC. He asked me if we could do thinks like the Operator Challenge during IFAT Munich in Germany. I said yes and in 2010, 2012 and 2014 the IFAT had the show and about 32 teams from 5 countries had a lot of fun.  In 2013 we also joint the worldskills in Leipzig. Now the skills competition is in place, a working group took over and the participants are engaged in skill improvements. Skills competitions are an exellent instrument to train technicians in the water sector. Meanwhile DVGW started a new skills in water and gas supply. Some countries, we are working with, are asking for the rules of such a skill competitions. Rüdiger Heidebrecht image

Biogas in the German agriculture

Biogas from agriculture got more and more popular in Germany during the last 15 years. Now we do have around 8.000 biogas plants in the countryside. The gas from digesters from wastewater plants is the same from agriculture. The qualification of the two operators differs extremely. That is the reason that DVGW, DWA and the  Biogas Association started last year with an initiative to set up a common 2 days training course for safety in biogas plants in agriculture.  It ends with a test.
Yesterday we checked different applications from training institutions who wants to join the training pool.
This training system will help to qualify around 10.000 staff  in the years to come.

Rüdiger Heidebrecht