IFAT – the biggest trade show – environment solutions at it’s best

In 1966 the trade show was born.  With 150 companies the trade show supported the DWA (previous ATV), which organized an international Conference with 1400 participants in Munich. Since  than the two partners work closely together. Now more than 3000 companies with 135 000 visitors show up.

I joint the organization team in the early 1990. Since than I am activ in organisation events for the IFAT.

In 2004 the Chinese trade show started in Shanghai with small numbers of companies and developed since than.
In 2013 the Indian show started in Mumbai with 120 companies.
In 2015 IFAT Eurasia in Ankara and IFAT South Africa will start.

Water and waste topics are climing on the political agenda. The problems will stay.

The global networking will grow – be a part of it, meet me there.

Rüdiger Heidebrecht0


Back from Jordan

wpid-wp-1422310301402.jpegI just back from a trip from Jordan. The 3rd Arab Water Week from ACWUA (Arab Countries Water Utility Association) was good. Beeing involved with ACWUA since it idea (2006 with Digby Davis) I enjoyed to see the association moving ahead. It’s not the way we do it in Germany but it’s the Arab way, fair enough.

The lectures were good, many participants know each other, communication is very good, networking at it’s best. It’ s a pitty that the German Development (BMZ, GIZ) is not seeing the potencial of such a network.

I wish ACWUA further good sucess on it’s way. The Arab world needs to communicate more open to each others and to move to a better networking in the water sector. The problems are not disapearing fast, the will stay and they will grow.

Rüdiger Heidebrecht

New Training Broschure 2015 published

The new year 2015 starts and we published our new training brochure 2015. More than 300 seminars and conferences are available for the German Water Market. DWA is one of the big training institutes in Germany. Annually more than  35.000 participants join our programme.

What is new? Micropollutans, energy savings, biogas, health & safety are topics of big interest. We offer mainly wastewater subjects as well as water resource management topics.  Highflood protection, river training and legal issues are also in the programme.

For international water professionals we offer a “Young Water Professional Programme” during Water Berlin in March 2015. The programme is open for newcomers under 35 year of age and costs 1.300 € for one week in Berlin. We run this programme since 2001 once a year.

In 2016 we will start with a new “Senior Water Professional Programme” during IFAT Munich in May 2016.

For international customers we do offer tailor made trainings. The photo shows my colleague Roland (left) together with our trainer Michael and some participants from Brasil in October 2014 in Hennef. A successful “Biogas” training was completed.

Rüdiger Heidebrecht 1.1.2015