25 years ago the German Wall collapsed

9.11.1989 Pokara/Nepal

The Berlin Wall builded 1961 to divide Germany in two parts was a part of my life when I grew up. I remember that wall. I was in West and East Berlin. I experienced the iron curtain – good that this time is over. I was living with my wife in Nepal close to the Annapurna summits. At this day my brother visited us. I was in my Nepali office. He told me that the wall was down – unbelievable. We could not trust that news but it was thru, what a change.
From 2004-2009 I was more than 20 times in Jerusalem, working in Ramallah. I saw the construction of a new, even higher new wall – between the Palestinians and the Israelis. A new wall, let us see how long that will last.

Rüdiger Heidebrecht
9.11.2014 – 25 years after the Berlin Wall collapsed.


IWA New Study

A new IWA Study is published. It’s very good. First time that I saw such good data about staff numbers for a countries water sector. In Europe we do have figures about water supply staff. For one Mio. people in a country a water supply utility needs 500-800 staff. The same amound is needed for wastewater utilities. In Germany we do have 17% academic staff in wastewater utilities, the rest are qualified operators (technicians). More than 80% therefore are workers. Qualification of technicians is urgened need, specially for wastewater.
Good that DWA offers such training worldwide.

Rüdiger Heidebrecht 9.11.2014