Education Standards needs also updates

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In 1984 the first water occupation was born in Germany. In 2002 the occupation got updated. Now its time again to look into the future of the water occupation.

It is my job to do this update work. It will take at least two years.

Rüdiger Heidebrecht



Palestine Water Association – nice films

From 2004-2009 I worked for GIZ in Palestine (part time). Training coordination was the main task.

We made many trainings and trained the trainers as well.

In 2007 Nadim Mulhem and I developed the idea to set up an local association. It was a long way – at the start I pushed it and explainted the concept – we got many supporters – they brought the idea into life.

It is nice to see the association moving. The GIZ support this – well done.

DWA and UPWSP interview:

New GIZ Video:

Rüdiger Heidebrecht – new website created

Bonn, 24.9.2018

A new website is born. After six hours learning of the Jimdo Toolbox (great software) the site was installed. My first website I did in early www time in 1996 for DWA. I took me weeks to learn HTML.

“Learning in Competitions” is the content of this new website. I like these Water Skills Competitions. As a “midwife” of this German initiatives at the IFAT’s and in Worldskills I like to document these events and to explain it to water trainers and educators.

This website will be the source for “Water Technology Competitions” .

I will edit the latest information.

Rüdiger Heidebrecht

Worldskills „Water Technology“ – good participation for Kazan, Russia in 2019

Sao Paulo, September 2018

Rodrigo and I met in Brazil at the FENASAN trade show to discuss the next steps for the Worldskills Water Technology skill.

We are happy that so many countries will join. That is a big achievement. In 2021 it will be more than 25 for sure and a global training standard is getting ready.

See the new website for water skills around the globe.

If you know more water skills, send me an email.

Rüdiger Heidebrecht


Brazil – FENASAN Trade show is nice

In September 2018 I went to Sao Paulo, Brazil the first time. The trade show FENASAN is quite good. 20000 visitors and a nice conference. I moderated a session about Brazil-German Cooperation.

The local Association is active since 29 years and the discussions were very interested.

Rüdiger Heidebrecht


IFAT Munich 2018 – Great show, great successes – 4. World Water Skills Competition

Team Egypt - Copyright Rüdiger Heidebrecht

Team Egypt – Two teams with great motivation and skills.

Team Jordan - copyright Rüdiger Heidebrecht

Team Jordan – first time, great spirit and very good results.

Water Skills Germany – 13 youngster go for gold and the chance to participate on the Worldskills 2019 in Kazan/Russia

Munich, May 2018

It was the biggest show ever. More than 3200 companies from all over the world an 141000 visitors came to Munich.

The 4th World Water Skills Competitions in wastewater technology took place. Teams from Germany, USA, Jordan and Egypt participated in the professional competitions. Supported by GIZ, WAJ – Jordan and the Holding Company-Egypt joint. For Egypt it was the third time to join. All teams did a great job, motivated and focused to the job. They all will become a good trainer in their companies. Two Teams from KSB – WEFTEC from the US even could win some metal – well done.

The Water Skills Germany showed the youngster in education in wastewater technology. Good participation, good results and one ticket to the next Worldskills competition “Water Technology” in Kazan, Russia 2019.

Rüdiger Heidebrecht

10 Years Cooperation – UPWSP, Palestine & DWA, Germany

I was working from 2004-2009 for a GIZ Project in Palestine. As a part of this we established a network of water utilities, cities from the Westbank. The first association collapsed but was reestablished and now the first 10 years are over. That is a good start to strengthen the trainings for the water sector and to be a lobby party in the difficult situation in Palestine. I am proud to be one of the founder of that association. Beside that I was also one of the founder of ACWUA, the Arab Countries Water Utility Association. Both was part of GIZ projects where I was one out of few other experts.

Rüdiger Heidebrecht