IFAT Mumbai 2019 – my impressions

Mumbai, 18.10.2019

Many visitors at the German Pavilion, where they informed themself. The DAAD Alumni Meeting took part and and reconnected the professional again. “They networked a lot and refreshed KnowHow. It was a very active group” said Kiti from DAAD.

The trade show grows, more companies and more visitors with the right


5th University Challenge India (UCI) at IFAT Mumbai 2019

Mumbai, 18.10.2019

“That was a very tight result”, Roland Knitschky, the Organizer from DWA, said when he announced the winner of the 5th UCI.

11 Teams from all over India and 1 Team from Indonesia participated in three disciplines: DHI Computer Game Aqua Republica, Reporting Innovations from the German Pavilion and DWA IWRM Environmental Card Game had to be mastered.

The first price is one week in Germany during the IFAT Munich in May 2020 to join DWA Young Water Professional Programm and to participate at the World University Challenge. Thanks to the Wilo Foundation.

The lucky first team comes from CV Raman College of Engineering from Bhubhneshwar, second was the smart lady team from SCMS School for Engineering & Technology Karukutty, Kerala, third was MSU Baroda.

Rüdiger Heidebrecht

Student Project at University Stuttgart – WAREM

Stuttgart, September 2019

That was a interesting week for my in Stuttgart with the students from WAREM. Anne Weiss has taken my ideas to create a poster with QR Codes and the international students did all the work within one week – great job! We visited 9 water places in Stuttgart and videos and interviews were taken by the students. Water Works, Wastewater Treatment Plants, combined stormwater overflows, new village planning, lakes etc.

They created a poster with these QR codes, uploaded it to a new YouTube Channel and made subtitles. They liked the spirit of teamwork, communication, technology and field trips. It was a good experience also for me. WhatsApp was used for communication even in the night and early in the morning. Working on a project in short time and with a clear result to be shown motivates student every much.

One student from Brazil mentioned that he has seen in this intensiv week more water infrastructure than during his studies at home. I liked that week. The poster will be finalized after the interviewed partners give their ok.

Student explains the new permeable stone. Rainwater will drain through the stone.

Rüdiger Heidebrecht

Student Project at ITT Cologne – Climate Change

Technical University Cologne

Seven Students finished their project in August 2019. I gave them the job to think about a new school in the north east of cologne, next to the river Rhein. One team was responsible for the City Planning, one for the Building Development and one for the Curricula Development.

Take your smartphone and see the result.
10 videos were produced and uploaded to a new YouTube Channel.
All ideas were done by the students. Cutting, subtitles and uploading was done by them. I had three meeting with them and the result is very good. They liked this kind of work. Modern media, teamwork, technology and communication is getting more and more important for youngsters. Engineers are normally not used to stay in front of a camera and to talk and to explain technical topics to the public.

I like this kind of teaching. The next year I would like to test 360 degree videos with students.

Rüdiger Heidebrecht